What if We Dared...A Picnic on The First Date? 2022

A Picnic on The First Date. When the weather is nice, there’s nothing like a first date in the open air, under the sign of lightness… So of course, we can meet on the terrace of a café But what if we dared to be a little original by offering a 100% rural date and therefore necessarily a little more romantic? Operation picnic: on the move!

The Rendezvous in the Open Air… While having a Picnic

If you live in a big city, offer a park away from the urban hubbub. On the other hand, if you live in the countryside, it will be an opportunity to walk along a lake for example; and for the lucky ones, to offer a picnic on the beach! In a natural and cozy setting, the conditions are implemented so that the SharekAlomre atmosphere is pleasant…

We Dare Because:

– It’s original: it’s a proposal that changes dinner, lunch or even a trip to the museum. And of course, a bit of audacity… it seduces.

– It’s more intimate: on the café terrace – especially when the weather is nice – you will share your conversations with those of the two girlfriends next door, as well as the couple super in love with each other… Whereas there, you will only be all both focused on your discussion.

– You can’t do it all the time: unless you live in the south of Spain where the sun shines all the time, in France you are more limited when it comes to sunny days. So when they are there, you might as well put them to good use!

– It’s economical: a tablecloth, bread, cheese, a bottle… For three times less than a restaurant, you’ll treat yourself just as much and enjoy quality time.

– It’s more relaxed : much less “formal” than a one-on-one in a restaurant, it allows everyone to feel more at ease. Convenient for first- date stress !

However, We Pay Attention to…A Picnic on The First Date

– The weather: if a storm falls on you, your meeting will have a good chance of turning into a mini nightmare. Although… we all remember the kiss of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook … It made us dream so much.

 We don’t wear what we want: whether it’s grass, sand or pebbles, you will have to opt for a comfortable and not too “risky” outfit. So do not bet on your best suit! Ladies, you will also have to give up your pretty dress… otherwise you won’t know where (and how) to put yourself.

– Allo Maman Bobo: nature may be wonderful, but it has its share of little surprises… more or less pleasant. Pollen, mosquitoes, wasps… Be careful that this moment does not end in the emergency room (in case of a bad allergy). So think of mosquito repellent and antihistamines to draw just in case. No, it’s not glamorous, but it’s useful for playing the savior!

You met Bruno on Meetic. After one, then two, then three very successful dates, you are closer and closer, enjoying the little pleasures of the beginnings of a relationship . You maintain this budding idyll virtually, based on regular text messages: anecdotes, links, photos… You want to tell him that you think of him at different times of the day, and want to keep in daily contact. But here it is… He is not very receptive. SharekAlomre.Com Indeed, it may take several days to respond to your thoughts. Or even not respond. Disinterest, distance or simple casualness? We try to help you decrypt.

What if We Dared...A Picnic on The First Date? 2022No Answer… Good News? – A Picnic on The First Date

You tell your friends about it and it’s even worse: some tell you to “drop the matter because clearly he doesn’t care if he doesn’t answer”, while others, less radical, will reassure you by arguing that for some, communication by SMS is not obvious.

It is true that to establish a bond, it is important to know how to communicate, and new technologies have the advantage of allowing us this with great ease. But not everyone sees things the same way. While some people are glued to their phones , others don’t like spending too much time on their smartphones. It is therefore a question of knowing if Bruno belongs to this category of people who are totally disconnected, and who prefer real relationships.

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If this really disturbs you and makes you doubt the reciprocity of your feelings at the beginning of the story, it may be time to talk to him and tell him that you are wondering why he seems less invested than you. This will prevent you from asking yourself questions for too long…

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