The Ways to Respond to An I Love You | ChinaLove 2022

Respond to An I Love You. We expect it, we hope… But when the “I love you” comes from our partner, we don’t always know what to say. Because it is something strong and intimate at the same time, which can destabilize. Fortunately, there are 1000 ways to react! While some will be more comfortable with words, others will find various ways to share their feelings, if they’re not ready for the big statement…

Respond to An “I Love You”… In Several Ways

The Words

Of course, we can respond to an “I love you” with the same words, or other very tender ones to whisper in the hollow of the ear. It will then be necessary to choose them well, because at that time they are received with expectation and attention. And often, out of modesty, we can tend to minimize our feelings, DilMil which could upset someone who has just confessed their feelings to us… Try to think about it.


Hugs, caresses, kisses too… are all immediate, intense, gentle and above all personal responses. The body speaks for some much better than the head! And what better than to do it, this love , rather than to say it…

Small Daily Services – Respond to An I Love You

On a daily basis, being with someone means supporting each other (in every sense of the word), but also being there to share small sorrows and great joys (we prefer in this sense than the reverse). It is also helping each other, being kind, and doing small favors in order to relieve the other when we see that he lacks strength or morale. Being two means creating a complementarity, and becoming a “team”, which agrees, and on which we can count. This is also the feeling of love…

The Ways to Respond to An I Love You | ChinaLove 2022

The Surprises

Another way to communicate our attention to our partner is to surprise him. For this, no limit! Depending on your complicity, your degree of closeness, and whether they are cute, romantic or funny, surprises always please those who receive them, because they show special attention.

The Looks – Respond to An I Love You

The eyes always reflect our feelings with great sincerity. Thus, a long languorous look can say more than many other gestures…

No need to have a musical ear to seduce a musician. A little common sense and a few things to know make all the difference. If music softens morals, it also facilitates dating! After reading these few tips, it’s a safe bet that you will have all the tools to improvise a little serenade to the chosen one of your heart…

Go to the Right Music Spots

Festivals , concerts, showcases, signing sessions, cultural stores (“Music” section), or even the Cite de la Mustique in Paris: all these places are full of lovers of rhythms and songs . June 21, the music festival is also a key time for meeting musical people at DilMil.Co the top. All night long, we play, we discuss passionately and we get closer around an ideal: good sound. The perfect gift for a music fan? Invite him to the concert of his favorite artist, his idol, his god on earth. It is the ultimate Grail of the seduction operation. You can’t miss it.

Take Care of Your Look – Respond to An I Love You

Leather perfecto, rocker / rocker boots, hair in the wind, slim jeans, Trilby or Borsalino hat, sunglasses (even at night) are the perfect accessories to go to a concert and thus get closer to a ) aficionado/has good sound. If you have a white t-shirt on hand, so much the better: you can offer him to write a tune or lyrics on it, or even his phone number!

Break the Ice

Complimenting her style or her music will get you everywhere. Be careful, however, not to turn groupie away from the first exchanges. You are not yet an artist’s muse, you have to work on it… If you don’t know anything about sheet music and musical notes, you can evoke the emotions that his art gives you. Works every time…

Another hook to flirt with a musician, offer him a pint of beer – you know this delicious beverage served in huge plastic cups during concerts and festivals – or even a glass of wine, it works too

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Learn About Your Art – Respond to An I Love You

Being up-to-date on music trends and knowing the hottest bands can give you a lot of advantages in bonding with a music fan. To do this, it is worth devouring a few copies of essential weekly and monthly magazines such as Les Inrockuptibles , Rock Folk , Rolling Stones or Trax . This in order to be able to hold even a scrap of conversation. Be careful, however, to target the musical genre of your target ! There are as many musical styles as there are days in the year.

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