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Each person needs closeness, friendship, someone with whom Why is Being Single they can share their ups and downs. Most singles see being alone as a transitional state. All the more this time is worth using to build happiness with the person with whom we will be our whole life – a paradox? TripTogether Not! Then take care of yourself! This is a great time to take care of your comfort, self-esteem and happiness that will pay off in the future.

If we enter into relationships with the attitude that they are to make us happy only then, that we will get something that will complete us, that then it will only be life and happiness, we will not only condemn future relationships to failure, but also fail ourselves, and that’s double. Without appreciating the value of our life and ourselves in the present time, always waiting for something to happen, we will not be able to lead a happy life alone.

In The Future Relationship

We will also expose ourselves to disappointment, after the first phase of infatuation. After this time, it turns out that the partner has not made us like ourselves more, and our life is free from worries and sorrows. We have to start everything with ourselves, and this is best done when we are alone. Only a person who loves and accepts himself with his faults,

– not having a partner to live with is not the same as being lonely. We have friends, family, and loved ones to focus on. Good, strong and sincere friend and family relationships are of great value, also when someone with whom we want to share this life appears in our lives. So take care of your friends and family.

– you can do what you want, when you want. It may sound selfish, but it gives you 100% comfort and 100% control over your own time. You can meet friends, catch up on reading and series, or simply laze around. Nobody will hold it against you.

Why is Being Single So Cool?

– it’s the perfect time to develop your passions and interests. Browse through the offers of singles classes and meetings in your city. You will surely find something that will interest you and inspire you.

– spend time with other singles. For people without a couple, numerous attractions and events are organized – quick dates, joint trips to the cinema, trips or parties. Singles is a very open group that actively spends time.

 – being alone is also the perfect time to create a dream map for your future relationship. Think about what you expect from your future partner, what features are most TripTogether important to you, what you will definitely not agree to in the relationship. It will be easier for you to make informed decisions when you meet someone.

Also think about what you have to offer the other person, what distinguishes you, what is your value.

Obstacles to solving the marital crisis and how to solve it. There are two options for solving a difficult situation – looking for other possibilities or being stuck in old ways of functioning that will sooner or later lead to a breakup. What are the obstacles in solving crises:

  • talking in strong, intense emotions,
  • shifting responsibility, looking for the guilty party (usually a partner),
  • persistent return in conversations to past conflicts that have already been explained and are not related to the current situation,
  • no a conversation involving discussing the problem of “here and now”
  • being offended, interrupting speech, leaving the room when the partner says his opinion,
  • conviction that the solution to the crisis is the sole consent to the arguments of one of the parties
  • lack of willingness to solve a difficult situation.

Solving a marriage crisis often involves many long discussions before both sides agree. That they have come to a point where they have agree on specific. Terms and decide to work on complying with them. It is not a simple task, sometimes it requires. The help of someone from the outside (a psychotherapist or sometimes a mediator).

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Who will look at their common situation with an objective eye. Will not be an ally of one of the parties. Who will loudly call what is happening between two people and what they themselves are afraid to speak out loud. A crisis in a marriage, contrary to appearances, does not have to mean. The end of the relationship. This can be a turning point when old. Well-worn patterns of behavior give way to new consciousness and a different perception of yourself. The other person and the world around you.

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