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Love is said to be the gift of God. A scientific explanation of this very important and basic emotion has been tried by a number of researchers and scientists. To evaluate the depth of your relationship there may be some relationship questions to ask your lover.

Whatever the inception causes may be there for this divinely gifted sentiment; there always remains unseen barriers between the two soul mates.

Every relationship, be it love, business, friendship, etc, is a two-sided game and each partner has to understand the other fully to make the relationship successful. Knowing your loved partner is one of the difficult tasks of the world. The questions one should ask his or her love partner have quite a variety like personal, social, etc.

One of the few initial relationship questions to ask your lover might be about his/her likings. One may ask the other partner about the things he/she likes and the things he/she dislikes for example. What is his or her favorite color, food cuisine, book, music, hobby, etc, what place he or she likes to go quite often, what sort of qualities he or she sees on the first meeting with any person? What are his future plans, what sort of company your partner enjoys, what he or she thinks of love in general? How one will behave on first date etc.

Relationship Questions to Ask Your Lovers

Relationship Progresses

But as the relationship progresses you have to be more precise. Like what is you’re standing in his or her life. Try and observe if he spends more time with you or alone. Does he share the happenings or any important thing with you? Of course, one can’t ask these things bluntly so have a keen observation. Have his or her ideas on the difference between love, lust, and sex. Take his opinion on sexual liaison. There may be some relationship questions to ask your lover to find out the reality and bounding of your relation. An important question to ask could be the importance of money in your partner’s life. Now asking such questions can give you a deeper insight into the sort of relationship and the partner you have and whether you should continue or stop.

To broaden the base of your relationship you can add such relationship questions to ask your lover, as about the company of friends he or she holds. Inquire about the harmony your partner shares with his parents, siblings, and other closely related people. Take into account his or her relationship with office colleagues or class fellows. Also, notice your beloved’s attitude towards your own family. The way he or she meets your family, see if he or she attends the important family functions, etc.

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Human relationships from are very unique and complex in nature. Almost all the species in the world enjoy certain relations and bondages in one form or the other. But the involvement of emotions in the relations remains unique with the humans only. Such relationship questions to ask your lover may be like opening up new vistas of the very scary relationship of love between the two soul mates. The earlier one knows about the other partner, the stronger will be the relationship of love in the future.

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