How to Choose Your Dating Site Between Elite Meeting or Meetic?

It is not easy to choose between Meetic , Elite Meeting or Meetic the most popular dating site in France and Elite encounter. However, with a little organization, we should get there. First of all, I invite you to read our opinion on Meetic as well as the opinion on Elite encounter for more details on each of these two popular dating sites. It will indeed be a question of comparing the functionalities, FlirtWith the types of profiles of singles, the members, the subscription formulas, etc. From this review of dating sites, anyone looking for love should have an opinion on these dating sites.

Types of Profiles on Elite Encounter and Meetic

In terms of dating sites , Meetic is one of the best. This dating site favorable to serious encounters makes available a diversity of profiles. These members come from various strata of society. You will meet profiles of singles of all ages and social status. This plurality of profiles allows members to increase their chances of meeting singles who suit them.

On the other hand, Elite encounter is much more selective. This singles dating platform prioritizes high-end members. The profiles on Elite Encounter are generally singles from more or less well-to-do sections of the population. On Elite meets, the profiles belong to senior and derivative executives.

This very elitist dating site corresponds to demanding people looking for love . On Elite encounter, exceptional profiles are not available for flirts. The single members of this dating site are all looking for serious encounters.

Elite Meets vs Meetic: the Different Features

Meetic and Elite encounter do not expect the same types of singles , so the features of the two dating sites necessarily diverge.

Note, however, that all dating sites have certain common features. It is :

  • profile creation  ;
  • add profile picture;
  • search for profiles;
  • messaging;
  • view visitors to their profile;
  • add a person to their favorites list;
  • be added to someone else’s favorites list.

Apart from these common features, Meetic like Elite meets has special features.

How to Choose Your Dating Site Between Elite Meeting or Meetic?The Special Features of The Meetic Dating Site

Meetic allows browsing on its platform without receiving FlirtWith advertisements. Members can choose which other members can write to them.

One of the features of Meetic is the incognito mode which allows you to be offline on Meetic without anyone being able to know if you have visited their profile.

In addition, Meetic also offers a face-to-face video feature. This option allows singles to do video dating. The Meetic platform is one of two dating sites to offer this option.

In addition, the Meetic platform also organizes Meetic events. These are events where members of the dating site meet for real. During its Meetic events, members participate in activities such as parties, cooking classes, etc. These events allow singles to make more interesting encounters.

The Special Features of The Elite Dating Site

On Elite encounter , members have the possibility to check if the messages sent to other members have been read by them. In addition, Elite encounter offers singles upon registration to take part in a personality test . The results of this sharp test feed the sophisticated matching system of the dating platform.

Indeed, the results of the test of the members allow Elite meeting to suggest to singles profiles corresponding to their person. The compatibility rate of these suggested profiles is usually very high.

Membership Rates on Dating Sites

On both dating sites, registration and profile creation remain completely free. But, to use advanced features, members of its sites must purchase a subscription. Subscription plans and costs vary from one dating site to another.

Meetic being a platform accessible to all, it offers prices in accordance with its policy. As for Elite Meets, the cost of the subscription plans really reflects its high-end property.

The Meetic platform offers two essential and premium subscription formulas with a validity period of 1 or 6 months. Male members of the site can only subscribe to the Essential subscription package.

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On the other hand, the price of the subscription on Elite encounter depends on the gender of the members and runs for 1, 3 or 6 months. A female profile will pay, for example, 69 euros for a 30-day subscription. While a male profile for the same subscription will pay 49 euros.

Elite Meeting or Meetic: What to Choose Between These Two Sites?

The two dating sites are equal, but the choice will depend much more on the profile sought. According to the feedback from Elite meets opinion, for exceptional profiles , Elite meets is perfect. However, if you don’t mind diversity, Meetic can help you find love .

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