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Love Relationships and Marriage are a career in itself –

We have to keep working on it every day. Love and Marriage In fact, it is one of the biggest and most challenging careers of all – along with parenting – because while our jobs involve mainly our mental and physical faculties, relationships involve the emotions within us too, and that makes a big difference. Unlike jobs, in which we can just move on without any emotional struggle, relationship upheavals can really affect our whole being, affecting all other aspects of us that sometimes we just find it hard to function. So before it gets to be an irreparable struggle, what shall we do to keep the love of our life happy?

Love like there is no tomorrow – Advice for a Happy Relationship

If your loved one will have 24 hours to live, what will u do for him/her? The problem with some relationships is that, because seeing one’s partner is so commonplace, and that being in a comfort zone knowing you are together every day, the tendency is to neglect and not realize how much a person means to you until the relationship is challenged or worse if the person is gone. Think of every day as your last day to show everything you have got for the person – spontaneous hugs, kisses, reassuring him/her how much u love your partner, seeing things in your partner that you can compliment, these are all seemingly trivial things but they all add up to make you special in the eyes of your loved one.

Love and Marriage - Advice for a Happy Relationship

Be Attentive to what he/she needs or wants –

Does your partner want or drop hints about something he/she likes? Surprise your partner with it! Sometimes a breakdown of a relationship or marriage is when one becomes frustrated with a partner for not being able to “pick up” what we want or need. I remember one woman whose husband loves racing – she is not fond of it at all, but because it will make her husband happy, she bought tickets for both of them even if it was not really her interest.

The value of this especially is instead of your individual interests tearing ChinaLove you apart, you can enjoy his or her activity and thus provide more bonding. Do not confine acts of surprising your partner to special occasions, small but consistent surprises once in a while is always better than just remembering him or her on birthdays or holidays. It is the spontaneous acts of love “just because” that make you unforgettable to your partner. Taking some chances to do the unexpected will keep the flames of love lit up.

Take care of your partner, but also take care of yourself –

Another common flaw. Because we are in a comfort zone of being together we sometimes tend to neglect our physical appearance. Strive to be as appealing to your partner from  as you can. This is only a physical aspect and there are many other aspects to making yourself indispensable to your partner. But it will always help if we look at all possible angles to keeping a relationship or marriage happy.

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Communicate, Communicate, Communicate – Love and Marriage

This can never be emphasized more. Whether it is a compliment, motivating each other, but also when there are upsetting things. Communication is the key – when you are upset, let each other know, but in a nice civil way, no yelling! Regular communication leads to a better understanding of each other and prevents resentment build-up. And listen; really listen with your heart. Know when to say sorry if the need arises. Control your anger and take time to keep quiet rather than say things you might regret later.

Love every day, give it 100%, take every moment to love, show care, be there for your partner. That way, you become an indispensable partner. Be someone he or she loves not because you are someone he/she can live with. But because you are someone he or she cannot live without.

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